Fearlessly Connecting With Empathy and Intentionality Ft. Chris Wedell (Ep. 7)

Fearlessly Connecting With Empathy and Intentionality Ft. Chris Wedell (Ep. 7)

“Education is KEY to changing your own trajectory”

This Disruption Blueprint episode with guest Chris Wedell, CFP®, CDFA®, and Wealth Advisor at RFG Advisory will leave you so pumped up you’ll feel ready to crush anything. She is a co-conspirator and creator of StrongHer Money, along with RFG President and host of Disruption Blueprint, Shannon Spotswood, where they help women live financially fearless. Chris is a mother, she is an advisor, and she is immensely talented. Chris starts the episode by taking us back a few chapters to discover more about her story.

“At the end of the day, I just love helping people,” says Chris.

She understands the questions and struggles that women face as they epically manage life, work, family. As Shannon says in this episode, Chris is “a walking example of living life in transition.”

Listen to this fearless episode with Chris Wedell, CFP®, CDFA®, and Wealth Advisor at RFG Advisory to discover why she stepped into the finance world, what led her to make a decision to join RFG, and how has StrongHer Money impacted Chris as an advisor. This episode shines a light on a woman forging new paths and sharing practical tips about balancing everything that gets thrown at you.

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Why Chris stepped into the finance world 
  • Chris’s first finance roles
  • Walking the walk with intentionality 
  • What led her to make a decision to join RFG 
  • Chris’s thoughts on being a woman in the finance industry
  • What does success look like to Chris?
  • Teaching women how to live financially fearless with StrongHer Money
  • How has StrongHer Money impacted Chris as an advisor?
  • Life in transition, empathy, and connecting on a different level

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