Transforming The Financial Advisory Industry Through Data-Driven Organic Growth with Tom Rieman and Jordan Hutchison (Ep. 56)

Transforming The Financial Advisory Industry Through Data-Driven Organic Growth with Tom Rieman and Jordan Hutchison (Ep. 56)

What does it take to revolutionize the financial advisory landscape?

In this episode, Jordan Hutchison is joined by Tom Rieman, the founder of Practice Intel, to talk about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in the financial advisory industry. 

Tom sheds light on the challenges, triumphs, and impact of creating a data-driven platform for organic growth in financial advisory services while sharing his thoughts on the importance of organic growth, leveraging data-driven platforms, and transforming advisor-client relationships.

Episode takeaways are: 

  • Tom’s journey from a corporate role to entrepreneurship with Practice Intel
  • The value of focusing on organic growth and client relationship quality in the financial advisory industry
  • The transition from sales-oriented advisory practices to advice-centric approaches
  • Utilizing data-driven platforms and decision sciences to drive advisor performance and client outcomes
  • Overcoming challenges and embracing change as an essential part of growth and transformation in the industry
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Tom Rieman is the Founder of Practice Intel, an entrepreneur, and industry expert in strategic business development and advisor coaching.

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